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Web Stream Recorder 2010 is a program that allows you to save multimedia data streams coming from the Internet or LAN to your computer. It can record music, video, radio broadcasts. Having saved this data, you will be able to play them from your computer without connecting to the Internet.

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Web Stream Recorder 2010 effectively solves 2 main problems that emerge when you attempt to save video/audio streams: intercepting the source address and saving the stream to the disk.

Of course, you can try to save multimedia data without using Web Stream Recorder 2010, but you will have to find out the source URL yourself and to try to save this stream to the disk using a regular download manager. In most cases it is very difficult to find out the URL. And if the data stream is not a stream-on-demand, but a "live" stream, you will not be able to cope without our program.

Web Stream Recorder 2010 can save Windows Media Audio/Video streams (files with the extensions ASF, WMA, WMV, WMX, NSC, WAX), Real Media Audio/Video streams (files with the extensions RA, RM), Shoutcast streams (files with the extension MP3) and Flash videos.

System requirements